Our news partners KWTX put out this great story about a church in Riesel, Texas that just turned 150-years-old.

If you've never heard of Riesel you are not alone, I hadn't before today. It's a small town of just over 1,000 people southeast of Waco.

Tiny towns are where establishments like Riesel New Hope Baptist Church can survive as more than just 'historic' buildings, folks worship there every Sunday.

I grew up surrounded by small towns such as Liberty Hill and Andice. Gosh, do I love local shops and companies. The Andice General Store was the place to go, not because it was the only place to go, but because it has one of the best burgers I've ever had, patty as big as your face.

Liberty Hill is becoming Austin's backyard and I'm all about progression and growth, but I do miss the small-town feel it used to have. The only gym within 20 miles of us was Flying H Fitness owned and operated by Lisa Harlow the nicest lady you'll ever meet. My brother and I would go to the "redneck gym" as we called it every day.

Flying H is still there, but Liberty Hill has grown so much since we last went. Heck, there's a Dairy Queen there now!

Dairy Queen

Now DQ is Hollywood, they may say they're "the stop sign of Texas" or even claim to be what you like about it, but they are not from Texas! However, I love a blizzard and the baskets are darn good.

Anyway, if you are so lucky to live in a small town, enjoy it. It may not last forever.



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