The American Automobile Association expects over 37 million people will travel over Memorial Day Weekend.

That also means that over 37 million people will be paying a little more at the gas pump this weekend, and it all has to do with an attack on the Colonial Pipeline from earlier this month.

KWTX reports that the national average for the price of gas is over three dollars per gallon, with it being over one dollar per gallon more than it was last year for Memorial Day weekend.

Apparently, the Southeast hasn’t fully stocked up yet on its gas supply after the cyber attack on the Colonial Public Pipeline earlier this month and this is how we will feel it.

In case you missed it, a group of hackers known as DarkSide unleashed ransomware on the Colonial Pipeline Company. MIT Technology Review reports that the pipeline is responsible for moving 45% of the East Coast's fuel.

When the ransomware shut their systems down and news got out, there were fuel shortages and panic buying. Colonial eventually paid the attackers $4.4 million in Bitcoin to unlock the files necessary to get things running again.

We barely felt the ripple of that shutdown here until recently.

Reportedly the global price of oil is up significantly from last year as well!

So basically when you get on the road, bring a few more coins with you because you’re gonna need 'em.

Drive safe out there this weekend!

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