I cannot even imagine a whole Salado, Texas family being hospitalized and in critical condition due to the tornado that ripped through the town on Tuesday. 6-year-old Miriam Rios suffered the most critical injuries, and was found unconscious and dangling upside down from a tree. Yes, the tornado actually flung her around like a ragdoll.

Vanessa Rios, Miriam’s mother, was pregnant during the event and suffered a miscarriage.

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Our partners at KWTX-TV report that Rios' family were inside a mobile home right as tornado warnings were sounding. They tried to make it back to a more stable house, but were caught in the 165-mph winds that destroyed several homes and left many people injured.

Miriam‘s parents and siblings were thrown into a field, but Miriam somehow  ended up being flung into a tree. She was hospitalized in critical condition.


It’s such a tragedy to see a local family not only lose their home, but an unborn child. Thankfully no one else died, but it will take time for them to heal from their injuries.

There has been a GoFundMe account started by the community for the family to receive help rebuilding a brand new home. We can only hope for the best for this family and pray they never have to encounter another natural disaster like that again.

If you want to help the ongoing relief efforts happening in Salado, you can find donation and volunteer information here.

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