And yall thirst trapping on the gram for free! LOL...

Yes, you read that right!

An Instagram model sold her bathwater on Instagram and sold 500 bottles at $30 a pop.

Yes, there are dummies out here that actually shelled out money to this woman.

KCEN-TV reports that the jars came with a disclaimer that reads: This water is not for drinking and should only be for sentimental purposes"

Last week she sold 500 units at $30 each and told Newsweek "I didn't think my bathwater would get this much attention"

Her Instagram followers jokingly asked her to sell her bathwater and it paid off!

She had to know out of her 4.5 million Instagram followers that somebody would pay for it!

Here's one dumm...I mean person who purchased then drank the bathwater:

Looking at old girl pull this off I am now selling my chest hair at $25 a bushel, anyone interested let me know...

I also deliver LOL!!!

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