I'm one of those that when I move to a new state, I have to get a license within a month of me being there, so I can get it over with.


Bruh....I went to the Killeen Drivers License Facility....took me 3 1/2 hours.


Once I got to the window, it took about 20 minutes or more to complete everything about the same as it took everyone else that needed a license.


My number was 61 the nice clerk told me 'it was going to be another 2 and a half hours before they get to you' they were on number 40.


After I left went home, watched Dr. Phil, fed my parakeet Tim (I don't really have a parakeet named Tim but if I owned one, I would name him that) ate, took an hour nap, did a crossword puzzle and got my taxes done, I went back up to the Drivers License Facility.


Still had another 45 minutes before my number was called.


That's why news of a new Drivers License facility in Killeen, should be great news for everybody! 


Officials from the Texas Department Of Public Safety said in their research, Killeen's population is increasing and the current facilities on Priest Street does not support the new residents.


The newly proposed location is on West Elms Road in South Killeen, near Shoemaker High School.