There's a feud between Jacquees and Mustard brewing and it all has to do with the singer's remix of Ella Mai's "Trip." On Wednesday (Sept. 26), Jacquees hinted that he was sent and cease-and-desist letter to remove his remix from YouTube and SoundCloud. Now, Mustard is confirming the news and stands by his actions.

According to the producer, Mai had nothing to do with the letter, as it was his and the 10 Summers record label's decision. "Our artists don't send cease and desists, we do," Mustard wrote in a note posted on Twitter.

While Mustard says he and 10 Summers have no problems with people doing covers of other songs, he said they took an issue to Jacquees monetizing his "Trip" remix. "When you monetize content you don't own you are stealing and no one steals from 10 Summers," he continued.

Mustard went on to assure that Mai played no part in getting Jacquees' "Quemix" removed and said if any publication reports that, it's just a ploy to "deviate from the narrative that Ella is breaking records left and right because the music she's making is cutting through straight to fans at a rate people haven't seen in years."

Jacquees released his version of "Trip" on Sept. 1 but it appears the song was gone from YouTube and SoundCloud by Sept. 5. While Mustard claims Que monetized his remix, the singer denied the claims on Twitter, responding to a tweet from T-Pain. "Nigga no I didn't hell you talm bout my brother I put it on SoundCloud and YouTube you know my game ain’t cap I love Ella," the 4275 artist wrote.

Check out Mustard's tweets below.

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