So for the last year, I’ve been joking on the air saying and I’m shooting my shot when I meet Ella Mai.

Her latest hit "Shot Clock" talks about a guy that's taking too long to make a move on her and she is basically telling him to get his stuff together and shoot his shot or the next guy will.

Didn’t happen...I froze up....

The rep from the record label told Ella Mai about the joke and I got shy and froze up.....Took the picture and walked away...

Yes, I blew it.....

Ok, I don't want to talk about it anymore...

LOL here’s some footage tho!

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“Shot Clock” @ellamai ⏰ #treydacj

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            Here she is singing "Booed Up"




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Number one record last year! pleasure to see her perform it live! @ellamai “Booed Up” #treydacj


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 Check out her latest single "Shot Clock" heard right here on B106!

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