So before I got here I did radio in Chicago, the city I was born and raised in.

I seriously started doing it in high school when I was 16 as high school sports reporter for one of the biggest radio stations in the country.

I can honestly say I have had an amazing journey.

Over the years, I have met hundreds of big name celebrities and one hit wonders.

------a few female stars or two   (S/O Biggie..haaa!!)

I was an extra in a movie (Barber Shop 2), I have hosted hundreds of comedy shows and concerts.

I've been on national tv, a regular on local tv, I've flown out of town to movie premieres (I saw 'Soul Plane' on bootleg 6 months before I attended the premiere in New York...I felt bad everyone was laughing at jokes that, at the time, I had already knew verbatim lol)

I've attended the Grammy's, The Source Awards, The Vibe Awards, The Soul Train Music Awards, broadcasted from Disney World, I have done it all!

But like every person in radio, I got fired.

The four years I was off the air, I have to admit were kinda hard for me to adjust to.

I was a radio instructor, a Community Connector for Chicago Public Schools (whatever the hell that was) a part-time hall monitor/security guard at a school (for 4 1/2 weeks, yes...a damn security guard), an Uber driver for a few months and I ran a gang of internet radio stations.

Four years of having 'odd jobs' and applying for radio gigs across the country and hearing -No openings- and then it finally happened, I got this email:

Yes! I got the job.... I'm back in the game!!


So that means I had to move to Texas after never vacationing or visiting the state in my life!

Might I say it has been a very cool experience.


For a chance to go to SXSW! (And look! I got a green necklace that means I was exclusive)

Cherokee D' Ass put it in my face... and I wouldn't have had it any other way....


The legendary Scarface and I hung out in V.I.P at Tabu on a regular ass Saturday night...


Hung out backstage in Austin with Rickey Smiley...

Even got a chance to take a pic with Old Dominion at our sister station's country concert. I hear they are pretty big (sarcasm)


Been a great first year in Texas, I appreciate all the love I receive when I'm out in public and when I'm on the air.

I look forward to giving you great music and making you laugh everyday!