My lit month!

I think I’ve traveled more than an airline pilot this month I can honestly say I’ve been living my best life!!

Stay with me here:

At the very beginning of the month, I celebrated my 30 something birthday went back to my hometown of Chicago.

Spent it with my family and attended a gala for The National Urban League. (Frankie Beverly and Maze even performed, for my old school heads)

The event was a very snooty event, very pinky in the airish and chic, lol a black tie affair and as you can see I got pretty spiffy.

As soon as I left the gala I spent the next four days in Las Vegas just call me the chocolate leprechaun because I kept hitting!!

As soon as I got off the plane on my way to baggage claim stopped at a slot machine and won big before I even got my suitcase!

Even held a press conference..

Paris! Paris! Las Vegas...

Came back to Texas for a week...


Got pulled over by the Killeen Police....

Then hopped a plane to Atlanta to visit friends in got my “Atlanta on” (no pictures hee hee..)

Was on the news this week as I was at Steve Harvey turkey giveaway for our sister station MYKISS1031.

On a sad note, last week I had to put Eugene precious headphones for 4 was time... I had enough and just stretched him out...(I know that didn't sound right)

But I replaced Gene, with Percy! He is sleek black and sexy like his owner lol....

I had to take a break from packing to type this to fill my weekly post quota LOL but I am currently getting ready for a four-day vacation to Hawaii! (PICS  COMING SOON)

I am truly thankful for this lit month I’ve had lol and November ain’t over!!

Be thankful and live life!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



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