First of all, let's be clear.


This is all a BIG misunderstanding.


Here's my overall observation (Stay with me now):


Some white people don't know, don't witness, and don't experience what some black people go through daily because it doesn't exist in their world.



For example:


A large number of black neighborhoods across the country don't have the same resources and opportunities as those available in some white communities.


Some schools are better, athletic programs are better, the economy is better in some white areas, some experience racial profiling by some police officers, and some are denied for loans, denied for jobs. Basically, some black people experience unnecessary racism, just because of the color of their skin.


Because some whites have not experienced any of this, can't identify with it, have never seen it, witnessed it, when some black people speak on it, it creates an issue and a lot of anger.


An issue because, again, it's a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING!


Some white people don't understand, some black people don't understand why some white people don't understand.


See the problem?


In some cases the racism is a "I know what I'm doing, but I'm going to pretend like I don't" situation.


In some cases the racism isn't identified because it's been the norm for generations.


Having said that, I can't blame those who don't understand.


In the Colin Kaepernick situation, (The QB from the San Francisco 49ers who protests the national anthem and has created a national uproar) he is taking a stand because of all the disparities I mentioned earlier.


Because I totally understand Colin's point, I DON'T understand the big deal.


In my opinion, he isn't disrespecting the military, or the country, he is protesting because of the things that are occurring in this country.


A protest is a defined as a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something in hopes OF CHANGE.


That doesn't mean he doesn't want to be in this country that means he disagrees with some of things that are going on in America.



Just like you, whether Democrat or Republican, you don't totally agree with everything that happens in this country, whether it's a law, whether it's how money is spent whatever the issue is. And how you deal with it, is how you deal with it.


Some people choose to not vote for a politician because of their views as their personal protest against something, some people kneel during the National Anthem as theirs.



Senator Ted Cruz tweeted that people should boycott any jerseys and products endorsed by the protesting athletes.


Whatever your stance is on this topic, I wonder if it will be the same if you understood BOTH sides of the entire story! 

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