So I’ve been staying put for the past five months the last time I left the state of Texas was in February when I went to Chicago for the NBA All-Star game.

I met a friend who was visiting Dallas in Hillsboro about two months ago, outside of that  I have not left the Killeen Belton Temple Metropolitan area in months so I needed to get away!

Didn’t want to get too crazy and travel out of state, so I’ve been finding different ways to explore Texas while I’ve been here, (by the way in another month or so will make five years being here) by going to different towns and so....South Padre Island was an option!

Packed up the truck and got on the road, drove down six hours to the Gulf Of Mexico!

New for me but maybe old news for you.

It’s beautiful!
So I’ve heard about the BET Spring Bling of years past being held there and people going down there to party and have fun on the beach and I see why!
I’m probably gonna go to this place again before the end of the year!

So every place I went in terms of the shop's restaurants etc. were practicing social distancing and you have to wear your mask but that didn’t stop the Turnup!

Rented an Air B n & B for the first time and that was pretty cool because it was on the ocean so I woke up every day with an ocean view like this:

South Padre Island Texas by Trey the Choklit Jok
South Padre Island Texas by Trey the Choklit Jok

Ocean time was beautiful, I had my shirt off walking around, showing off my dad bod and taco meat.

Most of all got a much-needed getaway.


I wish I had more to show you, but I only spent 10 seconds taking pictures and the other 4 days actually vacationing.

Next time I go I will take pictures.. lol

When you get a chance, make it your business to go down to South Padre Island even if it’s just for a quick dip out!


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