Does it make you mad when you see a dog chained to either a dog House or a pole or something to that effect?

Some people call it depressing, some people say it’s just.

If Senate Bill 295 is passed,  The adequate shelter and restraint Bill,  it will make it a criminal offense to owners who unlawfully restrain their dogs with leashes and don't provide proper shelter for their dog.

FOX 26 in Houston reports that the bill also details what is an adequate shelter for a dog stating that a clean and sturdy shelter will allow the dogs protection from rain sleet snow and sub-freezing temperatures and it must be large enough for a dog to stand to sit turn around and lie down in a normal position.

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If this bill is, in fact, passed owners will be cited for violations and charged with a class C misdemeanor.

If the law is passed, it goes into effect September 1st

Read the contents of the full bill here.

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