Hillsboro, Texas is about to become a whole lot more than the confluence of Interstate 35 East and West because the newest and one of the largest Buc-ee's on the planet is about to open near the intersection of US 77 and 35. Of course besides the endless glory of a new Buc-ee's store, Hillsboro will forever be the birthplace of the career of one of the greatest sons of the Lone Star State, Willie Nelson.

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As someone who travels just about every major highway in the Texas Triangle, it is always enjoyable to see another Buc-ee's will be available for those quick pit stops and snack breaks when they are needed most. As of right now, there is not a single Buc-ee's on Interstate 35 in Texas between Temple and Melissa, so welcoming Hillsboro is a dream come true.

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One Of The Biggest Buc-ee's Is Now Opening In Texas

Originally, the new Hillsboro Buc-ee's was anticipated to be open just in time for the massive solar eclipse that Central Texas was perfectly positioned to view. Then supply issues became part of the equation, and the store went from opening April 1st to this new debut on April 21st.

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There will be an official ribbon cutting at 1 PM for the opening, so you will not have to miss Sunday church, and can meet immediately following for a fresh tank of gas, and a brisket sammie. Check out more info in this KCEN article.

One of Texas' biggest Buc-ee's just turned 8 in Temple.

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