Look, we're all stressed out and on edge due to this pandemic but some a-holes feel like now is the time to put out click bait headlines and false information to get their clicks up which in turn causes panic among the masses.

You've probably seen on Facebook and other social media outlets an article from a site called "Portal24hs" with the headline "Texas Governor To Stop All Alcohol Sales Beginning Friday April 3rd".

In normal standard practice on social media, folks didn't click or read the article, but instantly began SHARING the "prank" article across platforms which in turn caused folks to say "I GOTTA GO THE LIQUOR STORE BEFORE IT SHUTS DOWN".

Texas Gov. Abbott has not issued any such order nor has he said that a shutdown of alcohol sales was even warranted in Texas. In fact he's made it damn near EASIER to get booze by naming it an "essential business" as I explained recently and allowing restaurants to home deliver drinks to customers.

So please yall, READ, VERIFY from another source or media outlet then SHARE or just inbox us and we can verify for you. This isn't the time for misinformation. I need another drink.

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