On January 4th, 2018 I Predicted 5 things would happen...and so far... I'm doing decently with my predictions......

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1) I predicted Diddy and his team of superstar celebrities would purchase the Carolina Panthers.....that didn't happen because back in March the major investor in the group dropped out as the price of the team went up.



2) I predicted Lebron James would leave the Cavaliers and Paul George or Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins would go with him to the Lakers ...welp..at press time Paul George has re-signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder  BUT Lebron has signed a 4 year 153 Million Dollar deal to play with the Los Angeles Lakers!

Now Boogie what up??.


3) I predicted we would lose one of our former Presidents, I am happy I am wrong!

4) I also predicted that in the November election, almost all of the Republican seats up for re-election will be won by Democrats.


5) Still holding on to hope that Andre 3000 is going to drop that solo album! Keep Hope Alive!!

                                                       (WISHFUL THINKING)

We'll see how my predictions hold up, seeing that we are almost halfway through 2018!


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