It's been 3 years since I've moved to Texas from Chicago and everyone that I meet from Chicago always says to me,  "You're from Chicago why are you in Killeen?" lol....

While Iove everything about Texas I have experienced so far, I gotta admit I miss the food from Chicago.

I would get the munchies driving around late night coming from the club ridin with somebody's grown daughter looking for something to eat and could always hit up a hood carry out restaurant that closes at like......6 in the morning!

So I could always get something like a Philly Cheese Steak or a Pizza Puff or my favorite...Italian Beef with Cheese Dipped with Hot Peppers.


In fact just the other day I was reminiscing...


And then one of my facebook followers had to check me!


So I went and checked out Chicago Cheap Eats in Killeen and when I tell you these people are going to get tired of seeing my face in there!!

They've only been open 2 months and "the public is responding very well to the new restaurant," says owner Ron Thomas.

Thomas, originally from Chicago, came to Texas to haul oil and realized there wasn't anyone making great Chicago food here.

He's been in Killeen since 2012 and jumped at the opportunity to open a restaurant in Texas serving food from his hometown as he gets all of his food shipped from the Windy City.

They specialize in Italian Beef, Italian Sausage, Chicago Style Hot Dogs, and more!



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