According to the Killeen Daily Herald, over 1,800 people got tested in Killeen for COVID-19 this past week.

People are either being extra cautious and want to know their status, or they have symptoms and want to confirm if they have the coronavirus.

I was one of those who got tested.

835 people were tested at the Special Events Center - 763 were tested there on Tuesday, and Destiny Church in Killeen saw 200 people tested.

This doesn't count other medical facilities that administered tests.

More testing will be done at the special events center located at 3301 S. W.S Young Drive in Killeen on Monday and Tuesday, you will have to make an appointment by registering here.

You will be asked to provide the information given to you after you register.

During testing, you'll stay in your car while a mouth swab will be collected.

You can’t eat or drink 15 minutes prior to being tested and you will receive results within 48-72 hours.

Good luck, and go get tested!

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