Weird morning...


There I was minding my own business on the way to the radio station to pick up the B106 truck.


When I first got on 190 today, I decided to go to the Panera Bread to get a spinach and bacon soufl'ee, so I got over to my right lane to exit at WS Young.


When I drove under the overpass (did that sound right?) near Florence/Jasper, it happened.



Perry the pigeon flew in front of my car and took his own life:



As expected, I am now receiving the backlash: 



There are even people calling for my arrest: 


I'm even receiving threats from people from my hometown of Chicago (and you know they get down) seeking revenge: 



And of course a fellow millennial has to find a way to protest about it:



Some offered similar stories about murders they have committed while behind the wheel:



The militant millennial:



Others found the loss of Perry the Pigeon hilarious: 



The community is saddened by this: 



Be careful when driving out there especially on Central Texas Expressway!


Rest in Peace


Perry The Pigeon  

July 17, 2010- May 14- 2016 


(This video was shot right after Perry's skin bleaching procedure last summer) 



Millions of animals are killed every year by motorists, while more than 200 motorists are killed as a result of this.