We've witnessed plenty of rap beefs, but there haven't been too many Rap&B beefs until now. This time former Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P has some major issues with rapper Tyga.

Spotted by Singersroom, Pleasure called out Tyga during an interview with The Domenick Nati Show. The "Did You Wrong" singer claims that Tyga was supposed to do a collaborative song with him but he suddenly back out leaving the R&B singer with tons of overhead.

“He’s a punk,” said Pleasure of Tyga. “We came up together. I was on way before him, so I got to know him when he was first going around [Lil] Wayne, so this is somebody I’ve been around."

He went on to accuse Tyga of not honoring his word.

"Timing is everything, so me and him did a song together and he just wasn’t honorable to his word," he continued. "When it was time to push the record or to do the video...It’s like if you wasn’t even gonna rock like that, you shouldn’t have told me to put out this record. Right now, I’m reviving my career. You got this record company, who’s putting up money behind me...You made them waste their money. It kind of was a bad situation for me; I can’t respect anybody like that."

Pleasure P insists that he's not bitter about the situation, but it made him look bad in front of his investors.

Reps for Tyga had no comment on the matter. Hopefully, Pleasure P can find some resolve and get back to the business of performing.

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