A sort of 'mystery' explosion has got Centex residents talking!

Texans from Gatesville to Mound have reported feeling the concussion effect from some sort of possible explosion around 9:45 this morning. News 10 reports that Gatesville police have yet to identify the source of the explosion, or if there was one at all.

Some Gatesville buildings suffered broken windows from whatever it was that likely happened east of the downtown area. News 10 spoke with a Mound, Texas resident who told them they could feel the concussion as they stood outside some 8 miles from Gatesville.

News 10 also reported that a post spokesperson from Fort Hood confirmed there was no blast on the base that could account for the phenomenon.

KCENTV reports the Coryell County Sherrif's office says they are investigating but have found nothing. A jet flying too low, or possibly a sonic-boom are being offered up as suggestions from some area officials.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.


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