Last week at the KISD board meeting, Corbett Lawler, one of its members,  asked if the Killeen Career Center located at 1320 Stagecoach, should be expanded into a Fifth high school.

The Killeen Career Center opened in 2012, and has since seen its enrollment increase to almost 1,500 students.

The facility is already being used for a specialty campus.

The expansion plan that was presented, includes new parking lots, a student congregation area, laboratory expansions, and a safe pedestrian walkway to Stage Coach Road were just a few of the additions proposed.

According to Kenny Crawford Executive Director of KISD, another issue is renovating the 17 buildings within the district. Faulty roofs and other wear that occur in buildings older than 50 years old are concerns that need to be addressed.

TomoNews US via youtube
TomoNews US via youtube

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