The state continues to build its case against YNW Melly, who has been charged with double homicide in connection with the murders of two friends. In the latest revelation, the prosecution revealed crime scene photos they say prove Melly was the gunman.

The pictures were reportedly presented during a bail hearing for Melly's co-defendant, Cortlen Henry, on Oct. 24, and shared by local news outlet Treasure Coast Palm on Nov. 21. Melly, born Jamell Demons, is accused of the shooting deaths of his friends Anthony Williams (a.k.a. YNW Sakchaser) and Christopher Thomas Jr. (a.k.a. YNW Juvy) on Oct. 26, 2018, while all four men sat in a car. Police believe he and Henry then concocted a plan to say Thomas and Williams were victims of a drive-by shooting, and Henry later dropped the dead bodies off at the hospital and told the tale.

During the court hearing, prosecutors shared photos the Miramar Police Department gathered from scene during the investigation. The first image shows how authorities believe all four men were seated in the vehicle when the crime took place. Other photos show the positions of .40 caliber shell casing that were located by the police. More pictures mark bullet trajectory in the vehicle.

Investigators say ballistics tests prove the drive-by was staged, as they reveal that many of the shots came from inside the vehicle, therefore disproving Henry's story. The prosecution also used cellphone tracking data to prove Melly was at the scene at the time. The photos were presented at the court hearing to prove Henry should be denied bail until trial.

YNW Melly Crime Scene Photos

Melly was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in February and has maintained his innocence since then. Shortly before his arrest, he posted a message to fans on Instagram.

"To all my fans and supporters no I did not get locked up in Washington , but I am turning myself in today I want you guys to know I love you and appreciate every single one of y’all, a couple months ago I lost my two brothers by violence and now the system want to find justice," Melly wrote. "[Unfortunately] a lot of rumors and lies are being said but no worries god is with me and my brother @ynw.bortlen and we want y’all to remember it’s a ynw Family I love you @ynwsakchaser1 and @ynwjuvy #freeus."

In July, he again insisted he was not guilty in another Instagram post. "I’ll be home soon. I’m smiling because God is with me - Melly 🌎🙏🏾✨ #innocent #icee," Melly wrote in a caption of footage from a court appearance.

Melly is facing the death penalty if he is found guilty. On Friday (Nov. 22), he released his new album Melly Vs. Melvin.

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