Two police officers have been arrested for their role in reportedly stealing from a store in Dallas they were supposed to be protecting.

KTVT-TV reports that after a tornado wrecked a Home Depot in Dallas back in October, the managers hired deputies to watch over the store's merchandise while repairs were underway.
Two of those deputies were recently arrested after being accused of stealing what they were supposed to be securing.
Josepha Bobadilla allegedly stole items from the store, then used them to obtain credit at another Home Depot to buy expensive appliances. Police raided the home of the 3-year Dallas County Sheriff's Officer veteran Thursday.
His alleged accomplice is his former supervisor, Rebecca Evans. Police believe she helped him steal items from the store.
According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, she's been with the department 16 years.
The Dallas Co. Sheriff's Office has released a statement denouncing the deputies' behavior and vowing to see them held accountable.
It's pretty sad to see people whose job it is to protect and serve take advantage of a natural disaster like this, and for what? Bobadilla reportedly got a new washer, dryer, and microwave. Was it worth he and Evans losing their jobs and betraying the public trust? No, it wasn't.

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