Copperas Cove, Texas, this is one of my favorite times of the year. The funnel cakes are the fluffiest, the rides are on point, and I can have all the fun I can handle.

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When is Rabbit Fest 2022?

Starting May 19th, Rabbit Fest is coming back. Every year around this time, Copperas Cove has one of the most memorable festivals, offering delicious foods, arts and craft vendors, carnival rides, live entertainment, and so much more!

You do not want to miss out on this amazing event. If you're a native of Central Texas, you are aware of how fun it can be. I have great memories of being a little girl and going on the Ferris wheel with my father every single year.

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Rabbit Fest is the Party of the Year!

Each year the live entertainment is always phenomenal. You will get to see some of the best entertainers and singers in Central Texas put on a show you won't forget.

The line-up hasn't been officially released yet, but I know it will be amazing as always!

One of my favorite things about Rabbit Fest would have to be the food! We're talking about Grade A fair food. The funnel cakes literally melt in your mouth, the snow cones are so refreshing, and everything is amazing at the annual festival.

If you’re thinking about getting your family out of the house before summer gets going, this is the perfect place to have some fun in Central Texas. Enjoy Rabbit Fest!

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