T.I. is calling for a statewide blackout!

It comes as no surprise to see rapper T.I. using his platform to speak out on the unjust that the black community has been openly experiencing. For the last few years, T.I. has been a public figure that has used his likeliness to encourage change and justice. He is one of the latest celebrities to voice his outrage towards the recent deaths of African Americans due to the hands of police officers.

In a post on his Instagram, he asked POC to unite with him for an official 'Black Out Day' by not spending any money.

The call of action is scheduled for July 7, 2020, and he is challenging anyone who cares about the murders, lynchings, and oppression of people of color to participate.

Check out his post below.

This isn't the first boycott that T.I. has organized, just last year he led the boycott against luxury brand Gucci, so he's no stranger to asking for participation.

I plan to participate in the blackout, but the real question is, will you?


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