I know science has done some amazing things, but I'm just not too sure about this! Researchers are looking into using human urine to fertilize food! Would you knowingly eat it?

Credit: Michigan Engineering via Youtube

Researchers at the University of Michigan are looking into using human urine to fertilize fruits and vegetables! They are "studying ways to scale up processes of using human urine safely to produce fertilizer for commercial food crops," according to KXXV. Part of the challenge is removing the bacteria, medicines and viruses from urine. Even more difficult than that is convincing people to eat foods fertilized with urine! But hey, American astronauts on the International Space Station drink purified human urine daily and the Russians, drink water processed from shower runoff, so maybe it's not so bad...right? The scientists want to reduce water pollution and to replace synthetic fertilizer by using the urine fertilizer.

I'm not sold on it, but hell, there's way worse stuff used to grow our food currently, so maybe it wouldn't be that bad. I mean once you get to know all the different chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, etc, that are used in today's commercial farming, urine doesn't seem that bad lol. What do you think, would you be down to eat a yummy carrot fertilized with pee?

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