Reunited and it feels so good. It’s all love at Maybach Music Group as Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Wale teamed up for a new song called “Make It Work.”

On the anthemic track, produced by Jahlil Beats, Rozay, Milly and Folarin spit bombastic bars about counting money, bagging women and being self-made.

Meek kicks it off rapping on the chorus, "I used to want a quarter bird 'til I caught me a brick / I used to want that SRT until I hopped in the Benz...these niggas said they wanted war, I started droppin' that s---, like Oh lord, oh lord."

Then Wale follows boasting, "Self made, self-made n---- / Well dressed, well paid n---- / I daredevil err'day, n---- / Like Hell's Kitchen and faint vision, oh Lord!"

Finally, Ross closes with lines about ignoring the haters while popping bottles in the club and leaving with a car full of hotties.

Now follow me, Balenciagas like they're Nikes, n---- / Fine bitches in the club, all wifeys, n---- / Now follow me, back to back, we in the Wraith, dog / Parkin' lot, chicken wings, then we skatin' off...and if a n---- step to me, I'll break the law," he spits.

It's interesting to hear Meek and Wale rapping together on the song. The two rappers were at odds with each other last year after Wale sided with Drake in his infamous rap feud with the Philly rhymer. However, it seems they’ve put aside their differences just for this particular song.

"Make It Work" is the first single from MMG’s upcoming compilation project, Self Made, Vol. 4, which is the fourth installment in the Self Made series.

Listen to Rick Ross' Song "Make It Work" Feat. Meek Mill & Wale