So Rick Ross was really going to hide an entire pregnancy for 9 months?

Yes, you read right..The big boss Rick Ross just welcomed a brand new baby girl to the world.

I'm just as surprised as you.

He's yet to post anything on social media regarding the new baby but after some serious lurking, I was able to find the mother.

Her name is Briana Camille and she's an Instagram/Fit Model

Check her out below...


My precious gem You had a purpose way before anyone had an opinion A post shared by Briana Camille (@therealbrianacamille) on

The tea gets juicer though..Rick Ross is currently in a serious relationship with Twitter executive Liz Hagelthorn. I wonder how this timeline went...

I like him #RatherYouThanMe Tell them I sent you

A post shared by Liz Hagelthorn (@liznotlis) on

Either way congratulations to Rick Ross and Briana Camille on the healthy baby girl.

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