A Texas woman made a donation to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts so unique and huge that her husband was afraid their business had been robbed.

KLTV reports that Julie Squibb, co-owner of Market Street Nest in Mabank, donated the entire store's wardrobe to Harvey relief.

"I was just walking through the store one day wondering what we as 'the nest' family could do,” Julie told KLTV. “I thought you know what we just need to bag all this up and donate all of it."

The merchandise was worth around $4,000, and seeing the empty racks initially sent Julie's husband and co-owner of the shop, Randy, into a panic.

"I was walking back and I went oh my gosh,” Randy told KLTV. “I immediately picked up the phone and called Julie and said honey I think we've been robbed."

Julie explained the situation, and said her husband was enthusiastic about the idea. The couple hopes their donation will inspire others to lend a helping hand.

According to KLTV, the couple believes most of the merchandise went to evacuees at the Dallas Convention Center.

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