Here in Texas, we pride ourselves on being good neighbors to each other. We've seen neighbors helping neighbors on the local level in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and now we're seeing it on a national scale.

In a news release, Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan wrote:

Like all good neighbours, Canada and the United States are there for each other in times of crisis. Canadians can be proud that ‎the Royal Canadian Air Force is well-suited to humanitarian missions at home and abroad thanks to its agility, flexibility and professionalism. The Canadian Armed Forces will continue to work with other departments in the Canadian government as well as our partners in the Federal Emergency Management Agency to be responsive to requests for aid as our American friends and neighbours recover from the horrors of Hurricane Harvey.

Last week, Mexico pledged aid to Texas as well, proving that in times of great need, neighbors can overcome squabbling and life one-another up.

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