The 'Waco Navy' is among the many people who have stepped up to help our fellow Texans in the south! Check out what they are doing!

Credit: KXXV

The Central Texas group called the Waco Navy, is helping those affected by Hurrican Harvey and its aftermath, according to KXXV. The group was formed by Austin Shirley, Reast Weir and two other men. Shirley told KXXV, "We knew we had the equipment to go out there and help out. We loaded up our two boats, hit the road, got there Sunday night and got in the water Monday morning." According to Shirley, they have rescued 200 people and delivered much needed food and water! They are ready to head back as soon as they get the call, "We have another trailer, loaded fully up, and we're just on standby to get that call and we're going to head back down," said Shirley.

If you would like to donate supplies to the 'Waco Navy,' click here!

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