The movie that had WWII veterans slipping into flashbacks because of its opening scene is coming back to the theater for two days only.

The year was 1998. Steven Spielberg was in the news because his latest movie was hitting theaters. That fact that it starred Tom Hanks was secondary to the fact that the opening scene was so graphic that it was sending veterans to the shrink.

My grandmother's 2nd husband was a WWII veteran. He stormed one of the beaches on D-Day. He loved my grandma very much, but he couldn't sleep in the same bed with her. He had nightmares. I was told he killed a man in a hand to hand fight. Kill or be killed as it were. He survived, but that person lived on inside his mind. I guess early in their marriage he'd tried sleeping in the same bed with his new bride. When the nightmare came, he woke up with his hands around my grandma's neck. That was the end of sharing a bed with anyone.

I went to the movie, and after that opening scene of storming the beach, I was exhausted. I could see why people were slipping into flashbacks during the damn thing and how such a nightmarish mission could leave people with serious problems the world wasn't ready to recognize and treat.

I guess since there are very few WWII veterans still alive, so they thought it was safe to bring it back for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. If anything, it'll serve to remind this generation of what was sacrificed for their sake.

Forbes is reporting that Fathom Events is bringing the film to 600 cinemas nationwide for two days only on June 2nd and 5th -  both days at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

I'd suggest skipping it if you have any war experience at all. The shots of death, explosions, and the damn sound is enough to send anyone over the edge.

To anyone who's served or is serving, thank you.

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