Mac Miller's death has touched many people. One being fellow rhymer ScHoolboy Q, who recently announced he is pushing back his album due to the Pittsburgh rapper's passing.

The Top Dawg Ent. rapper announced the delay at a recent show. During a break in the action, he explained his reasoning to those in attendance. "With my nigga gone right now, I just don't feel right putting out an album," he said. "As y'all can tell, I'm not my real self right now. I shouldn't even be here, right now. But like I said, my nigga Mac would not want me in the house sad. He would clown me for some weird shit. So, like I said, I'm here today 'cause it's no way he would allow me to sit in the house and be a little bitch. I'm not gon' be a little bitch. I'm out here."

It appears Q is still mulling over when the time will be right to put the album out. "Ima go back, and Ima figure out when Ima put this fucking album out, because y'all are going to get this album. I promise that. I'm just not ready to walk in the radio station and the first thing they ask me is 'So Mac Miller...' I'm not ready to deal with the questions they have. So right now I'm not ready to put nothing out right now. I'm sorry."

In August, Q announced his new album, the follow up to 2016's Blank Face, was almost complete. Now it looks like it might be next year before we get the project.

Check out ScHoolboy Q's announcement below.

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