There's been a lot of speculation in regards to Sean Kington getting jumped by members of Migos’ entourage in Las Vegas on Tuesday (Feb. 21). Now the rapper-singer has come forward to tell his side of the story to 8 News NOW.

In his interview, Kingston claims that nine people - including members of Migos - jumped him outside of the Sands Expo and Convention Center where the fashion expo Agenda was taking place.

“You can see my face. There was no beat down. It was none of that. It was a jump, but it wasn’t a jump,” he explained. “We went out there thinking we were going to have a conversation."

"As soon as I went outside it was no talking," he continued. "They just started jumping on me and throwing punches. I didn’t have a chance to put my set up. I didn’t have a chance to do nothing.”

Lucky for him, his best friend, Mioses Johnson (aka Bo-Jack), was with Kingston. The 28-year-old is now facing felony charges after police say he pulled out a gun and fired a shot in the air during the scuffle. Bo-Jack claims that he wasn't trying to shoot at anybody.

The "Beautiful Girls" singer said that he's been very cordial with Migos until now so he has no clue why they wanted to assault him. "I'm hearing different stories," he says. "I'm hearing it has something to do with Soulja Boy. He was at my house. I said something in a video they didn't like."

For those who don't know, Soulja Boy and Quavo of the Migos were involved in a public feud.

Kingston ends the interview by apologizing to the city of Las Vegas for the disruption. "To everybody in Las Vegas, we love Las Vegas," he said. "Sean Kingston is about unity and feel good music and spreading the love."

You can watch the full interview at

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