Well, apparently someone thought the small decorative wishing well outside of Cactus Jacks Sports Cantina was a good place to toss a cig. It would appear that was the cause of the fire that caused $650,000 in damage on Monday.

KWTX News 10 reports that Temple Fire Chief Mitch Randles said the fire was a result of "improper disposal of smoking materials". A security camera at the establishment captured the start of the fire and can be seen in the video above. Randles said the building is a total loss.

A timeline in the News 10 story says the last employee exited the restaurant at about 4 am on Monday. Fire crews first arrived at about 8:15 am in response to calls about a fire. It took about four hours, but by 12:15 pm the fire was under control after fighting heavy flames in the attic. About two dozen firefighters were involved in fighting the fire. The owners of the restaurant thanked the firefighters on social media.


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