Usually, when a team wants a new stadium and the city they are in doesn’t wanna pay for it, the team will just throw out things.

Maybe rumors that they may move to another city may pop up just to get some traction, but there are people who believe this rumor may become a reality.

When Austin FC debuted earlier this year as Austin‘s first professional sports franchise, that opened the idea to other professional sports franchises to move to Central Texas.

A writer at reported that the Buffalo Bills are considering a move to Austin to get funding for a $1.5 billion stadium. Or are they?

KXAN reports that Austin may be used as leverage for the city of Buffalo, New York to move the Buffalo Bills into a new stadium. The current lease at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo ends in 2023. Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Governor Abbott posted replies to the rumor on each of their Twitter pages.  


The state of Texas loves the Dallas Cowboys, and those who don’t like the Cowboys have developed a love for the Houston Texans.

Where is room for the love for the Austin team if it happens?



Texas' Top 15 Pro Athletes from the Past 25 Years in No Particular Order

Texas' Top 15 Pro Athletes from the Past 25 Years in No Particular Order

These are, in my opinion, the Top 15 Professional athletes from the past 25 years.

Of course, we'll start with the Dallas Cowboys (of course we will) and go from there.

The NFL's most prized franchise won 3 World Championships in the 1990s in 1992, 1993, and 1995.

Those teams saw numerous Hall Of Fame coaches and players from Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin. 

You can't forget about the dynasty the San Antonio Spurs had that started in the late 90s and came into the 200s as an NBA Powerhouse winning 5 NBA Championships led by players such as David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker, and in their later years Kawhi Leonard.

What about that 2011 Dallas Mavericks team that gave Dallas their first-ever NBA Championship under the leadership of Dirk Nowitski, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry and company?

We definitely can't deny new superstar Luka Doncic and the Mavericks of today inching closer and closer to becoming a dominant West Coast Team.

I would be foolish not to mention those Houston Rockets teams that repeated as NBA Champions in the mid-90s, (I did say past 25 years right?) and the James Harden led team, who along with Chris Paul boosted the Rockets to the playoffs year after year ultimately leading them to the Western Conference Finals.

Here are my top 15..

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