The 1997 biographical film that tells the story of the late Tejano singer and icon Selena has been nominated for inclusion in the National Film Registry.

According to a letter penned to the Library of Congress by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the 1997 film Selena deserves to be enshrined in the NFR for reasons most Texans would probably strongly agree with.

Writing on behalf of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Texas Representative Joaquin Castro wrote that he and other representatives would like to see films depicting the experiences of Latinos preserved for future generations, and that the inclusion of a popular film like Selena could draw more focus to Latino representation in American art and culture.

The letter states, "[T]he film depicts the life, remarkable rise, and tragic death of Tejana music star Selena Quintanilla. The film also touches on important themes of cultural identity and assimilation faced by Mexican American communities as they navigate their personal connections to two cultures and languages."

As a Mexican-American myself, I have always had a deep sense of admiration for Selena. When the movie premiered in 1997, I was still a very young girl, but the film has been and forever will be a classic in my family.

To have the person who many Mexican-Americans were inspired by be killed so young and unjustly tore our community apart. In the days following her death, you could find candlelit vigils with fans wearing a purple ribbon to honor the young artist.

We finally had someone to relate to. A woman who was proud of both of her cultures, and worked to bring those worlds together. A woman who worked to break down barriers that were set before her.

Selena wasn't someone who seemed far away or distant like most celebrities. Selena was down to Earth and extremely personable. She could make you feel alive and invigorated with her music.

I never had the opportunity to meet Selena, but so many of my family members did. Listening to their stories of Selena reminds me of her strength and just how wonderful she truly was. This is what the Selena biopic does for myself and so many others. It's one of the reasons why this film deserves to be treated as the treasure it is.

You can read Representative Castro's full letter here.

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