A recent poll of 3,000 residents from across the country has determined the sexiest uniform in America can be found right here in Texas. We have heard the phrase, "The clothes do not make the person," but you certainly can't argue that being best dressed does not at least have its benefits.

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All uniforms have their unique appeal, and many are designed to be practical for the job functions of the person wearing the attire. When you consider this uniform is worn over body armor, it makes it that much more impressive and therefore also "Sexy."

New Poll: Sexiest Uniform In America Is In Texas

KXAN YouTube/Canva
KXAN YouTube/Canva

That is right, the Texas Department of Public Safety uniform has been declared the sexiest state police attire in the United States according to a poll conducted by Wealth of Geeks. It honestly has to be the hat right?

No other neighboring state made the top 10, but here is where they did rank:

  • Arkansas was number 12
  • Louisiana was number 32
  • Oklahoma came in number 34
  • New Mexico was number 44

What makes being a member of the Texas DPS so important besides the uniform?

You not only have to protect and serve the largest state in square mileage in the continental United States, you also serve a vital role in protecting America from illegal activity coming across the border.

Texas DPS don't just look great in "Texas Tan," they also have probably the toughest job in any state's police force.

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