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Man sentenced in Cedar Park Drag Race deaths from 2018
Hayden Hammer, who had a part in seriously injuring a mother, and was responsible for the deaths of two children was sentenced to 7 years in prison and 10 years probation.
Hammer will do both simultaneously.
KXAN in Austin reports that Hammer, then 18, was drag racing on Highway 183 in Cedar Park kill…
Help a Killeen Army Wife Become a Maxim Model
The other day Ciera Jackson hit me in the B106 facebook inbox and asked if I could share the word on her potential opportunity.
She's in the running to be a Maxim Covergirl Model!
She told me that she is originally from Atlanta, Georgia an army wife, and a mother of an autistic child...
Sundays At the Square with Toni Ringgold
This week Toni speaks with The Youth Backyard Gardening initiative, a nonprofit organization in Killeen that is looking for adults and youth who want to be involved in creating and maintaining backyard gardens!
Check out Sundays At the Square with Toni Ringgold Sunday Mornings At 6 AM on …
A second person has died from vaping
There are people dying from using vape pens.
Another person has died from using a vape pen with marijuana oil in Oregon.
The individual reportedly died from an anti-respiratory illness
ABC7 Chicago reports that it hasn't been determined if the person added something to the liquid in the device aft…