Ok so, for starters, I don't watch Power.

I've only seen, maybe 5-6 episodes and this was about 3-4 years ago.

I know you are probably shaking your head, shocked right?

Don't be..

I have nothing against the show, in fact from what I've seen, the show is right up my alley!

It's raunchy street and you see lots of ummm.....nakedness..

It's you, people.

Social media has killed my "want" to watch the show, or any urgency to hit play anytime soon on the popular Starz drama produced by 50 cent.

It went from "maaaaaan lemme see what the hype is about", to, "Eh One Day I'll binge watch it".

I can't avoid it unless I get off social media.

Here's how I found that out:

Didn't go on Facebook the other day because I knew Power spoilers would be on there talking ish about this week's episode.

I thought Instagram would be a "safe haven" doo dee doo dee doo.. nope...WRONG!

Scrolling on the gram why does one of the stars of the damn show pop up with a spoiler...you wrong LALA!

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SPOILER ALERT‼️Last night was so emotional for me. This was hard to watchI want to thank @50cent & @courtneyakemp for giving me the chance to bring LAKEISHA GRANT to life. I’m forever grateful to the two of them for believing in me. @naturi4real you are an amazing talent and an amazing friend. Im so glad we took this ride together❤️ @josephsikora4 I thank you everyday for the work we did. You are phenomenal! That final scene, when you walked in and dropped to your knees...WOW. You pushed me to grow as an actor & a person. I was honored to be your KEISHA. I’m going to miss working with you so much @omarihardwickofficial & the the rest of the POWER cast and crew my love for all of you runs deep. We are a familyand finally to the fans of Power. I love all of you so much❤️Thank you for taking this ride every season with us. You have made Power a show people will never forget. Thanks for riding with Lakeisha. Whether you loved her or hated her...I appreciate you so much. Love really makes you do crazy things‼️From the bottom of my heart Thank you. Thank you. Thank you ❤️❤️RIP LAKEISHA GRANT... I love you❤️ @power_starz #powertv #lakeishagrant

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The week before that everybody was mad at Tariq AGAIN (According to my facebook friends) seems like everybody wants to (and I quote) "beat his little a--",


So I basically get the gist and what has happened in every episode, on facebook and because I have so many followers/ friends I don't miss anything.

I have also noticed the two types of people on Facebook who watch Power:

-The person upset that you have spoiled it and is legitimately mad at you and doesn't realize it's a tv show and takes this thing serious.....

-And then you have the savage, the spoiler.

This person understands that it's only a tv show and it's a computer and you can't beat them up through the computer, so why not, blow it for everybody. This person wasn't hugged much as a child and was probably the stinky kid in class too.

The savage and the other person are known for going back and forth about the show, you usually see cyber outrage from the first person while the attention-seeking savage laughs at them.

So that's why I don't/can't watch Power.

Thanks, Social media...


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