Soulja Boy went to the hood in an attempt to prove his street credibility and almost got beat up.

It all began when Soulja Boy decided to head into an unspecified neighborhood with some of his homies to prove his street cred and started ranting to locals that he described as Fruit Town Pirus, talking about catching fades and what not. He was filming the entire thing on Instagram Live.

“They say Soulja ain’t from the hood,” the rapper shouts as he throws his arm around one guy, who is visibly annoyed. Then the phone drops, there’s some commotion, and someone picks it up and ends the recording, leading folks to believe that he got beat up.

In another clip, however, it looks like Soulja put his phone on the ground in preparation to fight. It looks as though Soulja's boys got in the way, before a scuffle could ensue. You can check the clip above.

Of course, Chris Brown (who was beefing with Soulja all day yesterday), Lil Durk and even Waka Flocka had something to say about the footage, and it wasn't nice. You can check it out below.


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