Recently, Soulja Boy's own brother John Way threw some very serious shade at him with a vicious diss song. As was the case with most of his other recent beefs, Soulja has seemingly responded through social media.

Soulja began an Instagram Live session, which lasted about 15 minutes, by saying, "Loyalty before muthafuckin' royalty. These bitch ass niggas want to go against the grain and lie on a nigga and put my name through the dirt when I'm a real hustler. Real nigga getting money man, these niggas ain't shit. Fuck these bitchass niggas."

The Big Soulja artist went on to call out people who've gone against him even though he says he's looked out for them through the years. "You help a nigga get on, help a nigga get on, niggas wanna talk shit bruh. Niggas ain't real bruh," he continued. "I put a lot of niggas on and niggas ain't show love, you feel me?"

In John Way's diss song, he refers to Soulja as a fraud who lies about having sex with Rihanna and brags about killing someone, which Way doesn't see as a street credibility booster because Soulja killed the person in self defense. Needless to say, those are some pretty disrespectful claims. It will be interesting to see how much further Soulja goes to respond to his brother. You can check out Soulja's response video and his brother's diss song below.

In other Soulja-related news, the Atlanta rapper recently claimed that Chris Brown backed out of their boxing match because he was shook. “He was scared to get in the boxing ring with little ol’ me,” Soulja Boy told the crowd at his show in Minnesota the other day. “He was scared I was gonna hit his ass with that Superman punch.”

Soulja Boy's been in a lot of beef to start off 2017, and it doesn't seem like he's ever going to be backing down.

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