TMZ reports that Soulja Boy's Hollywood Hills home was robbed on Tues., Jan. 10.

The robbers made off with $12,000 in jewelry and $10,000 in cash during the robbery. According to law enforcement officials, thieves burst into Soulja Boy's home early Tuesday morning, where they made off with the good.

Soulja Boy wasn't at home during the time of the incident but his house is wired with security cameras and so one of the suspects reportedly had their image captured. Cops were further investigating the incident as of Wednesday.

Of course, this news comes in the midst of his much publicized boxing match with Chris Brown, which is reportedly scheduled to air on Pay-Per-View and take place in Dubai with Kelly Price booked to sing the national anthem. Soulja Boy is being trained for the fight by Floyd Mayweather while Chris Brown has Mike Tyson in his corner, complete with a diss track.

As of right now, no one has been arrested in connection with the robbery.


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