A judge denied Love & Hip Hop star Stevie J's request to extend a restraining order against co-star and ex Joseline Hernandez, with TMZ speaking to both as they exited a courtroom recently. Stevie J reportedly used information against Hernandez, such as the lies she's told about her age and origins and potential preexisting marriage to persuade the judge, but it ultimately did not amount to enough.

"I wanted to extend this order of protection I had on Joseline but they didn’t extend it because they felt that we didn’t have any violent encounters in the past year," he told a cameraman. "I just wanted her to refrain from talking about my family, my daughters and all that." He as well could not confirm that Hernandez's unborn baby is his, saying, "We’ll just have to go and let the DNA decide."

For those interested in following Hernandez's pregnancy and who the father is, she says that she will be returning to the reality show, saying, "So you’ll get to see Joseline Hernandez delivering a baby."

The fifth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta just aired its finale earlier this month, with Stevie J and Joseline facing off on a number of issues including the pregnancy and remarks Hernandez made on Instagram. Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood starring Fetty Wap, Ray J and Safaree Samuels will premiere on Monday, Aug. 15, on VH1.

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