Stealing is definitely a major pet peeve for many people, and it remains mind blowing that there are people that often try to defend small thefts to be victimless crimes. At the latest figures, Texas loses around $6 billion in revenue each year because of shoplifting.

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Many who defend retail theft are quick to say ignorant talking points like, "Well, they're all insured anyway." Insured or not, there are these things called deductibles and premiums.

Ever been in an accident that was determine to be someone else's fault and yet your premium still went up? At some point, businesses simply cannot keep up with the costs of being in business, and we end up with far less places to go shopping.

Ten Tantalizing Items Now Stolen At Texas Walmart Stores


It definitely didn't surprise me that condoms made the list.

I know grown men to this day that are embarrassed to buy them, and that always made them a target for shoplifting. Often times, products like condoms and other niche items will end up behind locked cases because of the implied stigma that comes with their purchase.

Growing up, my dad ran a family business and my grandparents owned a restaurant. I saw first hand the effects of stealing, and how it really placed a burden on the quality of life for our family and the families of the employees.

According to Aisle of Shame, these 10 items are the most stolen at Walmart.

Even though check out lane candy did not make the list, as a parent I kind of feel like I've been robbed every time one of my sticky fingered kids snatches and item and opens it forcing you to have to purchase it.

The 10 Most Stolen Items at Walmart

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