Everyone who is paying attention notices that Austin and the areas surrounding Texas' capital are growing.

That's why there is no surprise in learning that the city we want to stay weird is Wallethub's #6 metro on the list of the nation's fastest-growing large cities.

That ranking was determined by Wallet Hub's study of 515 cities, where the population size is based on measures of growth and decline over a period of seven years.
The city took number one for growth and number of businesses, but dropped as it relates to cities working for age and population.

Other key factors that led to Austin clinching the #6 slot include “Sociodemographics” and “Jobs & Economy.”

Source: WalletHub

As I mentioned earlier, the neighboring cities around Austin show growth as well, with Round Rock making the eighth spot on fastest-growing cities. In fact, several other Texas cities were ranked highly in WalletHub's study. Texas being the land of opportunity it is, that's only to be expected.

Something else to notice is that the South as a whole is where everyone is moving!

According to FOX San Antonio, the US Census Bureau reports that eight of the top 15 growing cities were in the South.

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