Another study stating the obvious has determined that the average mom puts in serious overtime and doesn't get much time to herself.

If you ask us, the study from Welch's (who surveyed 2,000 moms in the United States) doesn't even scratch the surface. For instance, they say the average American mom starts her day at 6:23 AM and goes to 8:31 PM - a 14 hour shift 7 days a week, equaling 2.5 full time jobs.

Now, really. How many moms do you know who have the luxury of sleeping in that late and relaxing that early?

This video from Buzz60 and KHOU-TV goes into more details about the study. I don't know which income bracket they surveyed, but they sure as heck didn't talk to a lot of the working moms I know, who are on call 24/7.

So, thanks to all the moms out there sacrificing and giving of themselves!

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