Suge Knight is currently locked up for his involvement in a hit and run that left a man injured and another dead. The former Death Row Records head was charged with murder and attempted murder shortly thereafter and was placed on $10.5 million bail as he awaited trial. That trial though was postponed once more at a court hearing Wednesday (Feb. 22), getting pushed back to early summer, the New York Daily News reports.

In speaking to the Daily News, Suge's second eldest son, Suge Jacob Knight, said his father is being treated unfairly considering his accused crime. "It's extreme," he said. “They're treating him like a mass murderer.”

In an Instagram post published afterward, and included below, he draws further attention to the treatment. "I'm grateful to see my dad this morning," he wrote, "but it hurt me to see him get neglected right in front of my face. I'm disgusted that these people take an oath to serve justice but do the exact opposite." In February of last year, Knight was placed in solitary confinement, what he claimed was a violation of his basic human rights.

"I don't know anybody who can sit in solitary confinement for two years and not speak to, nor choose his own lawyer," his son continued. "When will they let him get the best chance to defend himself... I really need those that actually support and who has a heart to reach out. I have great news but i need justice to be served."

Check the Instagram post below, with Suge's lawyer saying in January of 2016 that his client was being unfairly treated because of his celebrity status.

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