During the COVID-19 lockdown last year, one thing was proven.

Texans drank more alcohol than usual.


What else are you going to do?


Some people didn't know if they were going to keep their job, and even worse, people were stressed out, worried if they would get the virus that has claimed half a million people.


Understanding this, a recent survey showed that 22% of Texans now understand why potheads smoke pot!


The survey done by Recovery.org says that 1 out of 5 people in Texas now have a relaxed view toward recreational marijuana.


The other half of those surveyed understand why people used other controlled substances.

Trimmed marijuana flower (Mango Kush) in glass jar on wood table with vape pen.


If it took a pandemic to understand why people get high, then....ok!


At least now you understand why some people enjoy that sweet cheeba!


If you think this is strange, during the pandemic in some states, marijuana dispensaries were even considered essential.


So the next time you see a pothead and they are high, simply tell them...I understand. 




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