Temple Texas

Have Coffee with a cop at Chick-Fil-a in Temple!
Come have coffee with a cop in Temple at Chick-Fil-A!
Next Wednesday Temple's finest will be on hand from 8a-10m at Chick- Fil- A in Temple from 8a-10am.
You'll receive a complimentary cup of Joe for sitting down with law enforcement conversating and asking questions with the boys in bl…
Who stole Janetta from Temple’s Monkey??
For the past 6 years, a Temple woman who goes by "Janetta" has been displaying lifelike statues of animals in her front yard for children in the neighborhood without any issue, until this past Monday.
On her way to a doctor's appointment, she found her latest statue, a coo…
Insane Inflatables 2017 wraps up in Temple
If you recall, earlier this year severe flooding occurred at Lions Park in Temple forcing the Insane Inflatables to reschedule their 5k obstacle course to December 2nd, today!
This morning hundreds of people participated in the 5K Dash through different inflatable obstacle courses...
Exit to Downtown Temple on I-35 closed for a year!
Last Thursday, the Texas Department of Transportation announced exit 301 in Temple, the main exit to Downtown Temple, will close sometime this week.
Although it will be an adjustment for drivers, business for downtown Temple is not expected to be affected by the construction State Rep Hugh Shine told…

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